Income Tax Return (PITR - personal and CITR - corporate):

PITR - trade license

2500 CZK

PITR - employees

2500 CZK

PITR - for employees with trade licence

3000 CZK

PITR - other cases (foreign income, dividends, capital gain, rent, etc..)

4000 CZK (up to)

Corporate Income Tax Return for s.r.o. company

(excluding accounting work)

6000 CZK

Corporate Income Tax Return for s.r.o. company with no business activity

4000 CZK

Accounting services:

Accounting services for s.r.o. company and trade licence

1000 CZK/hour or 20 CZK/journal entry  

Payroll Administration

450 CZK/pers./month

Registration of the employer for insurance and taxes

2500 CZK

Registration/deregistration of employee

1000 CZK

VAT return:

VAT Return (incl. EU sales list and VAT ledger)

(excluding accounting work)

1000 CZK/month

VAT Return for Identified persons (VAT "light")

(excluding accounting work)

800 CZK/month

Voluntary full VAT registration

2500 CZK

Mandatory VAT registration

1000 CZK

Other taxes:

Property tax

2500 CZK

Road tax (Silnicni dan)

1500 CZK

Other services:

Trade licence set up (incl. registrations)

6000 CZK

Income Tax Registration

800 CZK

Summary of tax return (Platebni vymer)

800 CZK

Personal meeting/consultation

1000 CZK